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Condo Rental Available

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I have a condo that I have been renovating heavily and is ready for a tenant!

Rent: $850 a month.

Security Deposit: $850

If you pay your rent before the 1st of the month every month, then I will give you a $50 discount, so the rent will be only $800!

Water and trash removal are included in the rent. You are responsible for electricity and cable.

There is an unattached garage that can be rented for $100 a month.

Its a 2 bedroom condo with 1.5 baths. Its over 1000 square feet, and its a very usable space.

This condo is located on the corner of Curry Ford and Primrose. 5 minutes from downtown, if that! Just seconds to 408 and 15 minutes to just about everything in Orlando.

On the property there are TWO pools that you can use at any time. One is about 50 feet away and the other is on the other side of the complex. There is also a tennis court with night lights that is on the property that you can use as well.

There is a required Criminal Background check for any tenants. This prevents felons and child molestors from moving into this complex. There is a $25 dollar charge for this check, and a short interview with the Management Company is required.

Here is a photo of the outside of the condo. Its a second story unit, so you can leave your windows open without worry that the neighbors are looking in at you. The front porch and entry has just had new screens installed so you can hang out in the kitchen and leave the sliding glass door open to let in the wonderful breeze and not have to worry about bugs coming in.

Heres a daylight shot...

Here is a photo of the front porch. Its fully screened in. Those dots around the top are velcro that I just haven't gotten around to removing.


Here is a picture of the living room. You can see that the tile has been recently chemically cleaned and the walls and ceilings have been professionally sealed and painted.

This is the breakfast area next to the sliding glass doors. The second pic is from before the living room was painted. You can see the paint was a really bad color!

Here is the washer and dryer hookups, I have a brand new set of washer and dryer that I just purchased and will be installing as soon as I find some help to get them up the stairs.

Here's a photo of the 2nd bedroom. Its been repainted, and you can see the new solid wood floors that I recently put down. The blinds are new as well. In this bedroom there is a large closet with double folding doors. Every room has cable hookups and new face plates to go with the fresh paint job.

Here is a picture of the master bedroom. Once again, a fresh paint job, brand new solid wood floors, new faceplates, and new blinds.

Here is the master closet. Its a walk in closet as you can see. I think its large enough to lay a twin size mattress on the floor of the closet. Its much larger than you would expect for sure! Fresh paint, new floors, fully refreshed.

This is the picture of the master vainity. This is located in the master bedroom. I am especially proud of this little corner. I recently put in a brand new vanity, then a new cultured marble top, new side splashes, a new mirror, new light fixture (it needs 2 more bulbs), new switch plates, new towel hanger, new plumbing in the wall, new faucet, everything here is brand new and it looks amazing!

Here is a picture taken from the back of the large master bedroom.

Here is a photo of the hallway leading back to the master bedroom.

Here is a photo of the kitchen. Currently its a work in progress. The stove has been cleaned up with new drip trays and burners. The fridge has been cleaned out. The whole kitchen was painted with three coats of off-white paint, and then the cabinets have also been painted a gloss white for easy cleanup on the inside and outside. I am working to replace the faucets, the dishwasher and that shouldn't take very long.


Here is the new dishwasher that I bought for the condo. Its going in later on this week.

Here is the small vanity. I am putting in the faucet today, so I just snapped a photo.

So you have seen alot of the rooms of the condo. I will be taking more photos, but I took these rather quickly to just give you an idea of what it looks like. I have honestly replaced and repaired everything in the condo. The floors are brand new, the walls and ceilings have been painted with 3 coats of paint, and I have replaced all of the plumbing all the way back into the walls.

When I finish the kitchen counters, I am going to install a new surround in the shower/tub and all new fixtures in there. The toilet is new. The faucets etc are new throughout the place.

New door knobs and hardware as well. New light fixtures throughout.

I take alot of pride in this condo as I have done a whole bunch of work to make it a really nice place. This condo has really large rooms considering its size, and its really well laid out. The large living room could be divided in two by placing a couch across the middle of the room. Then you can put the TV on one wall and then behind the couch you can place a dining room table that seats 6 behind with plenty of room to spare.

The master bedroom will easily hold a king size bed and a full suite of furniture. Its approximately 18x13 feet but I am not 100% sure. Its nice and wide though.

The smaller bedroom is approximately 10x12 feet. Its also a nice size and will hold a queen size bed with nightstands on both sides with no issues.

I recently reinforced the staircase and then gave it a new coat of paint. There is a handrail for safety. We recently got new mulching all around and its a nice touch.

I will be happy to give a tour or send more photos if you would like. Everything looks and smells new.



Also, here are a couple pictures of the other stuff.

Pool number 1, this is a great spot for kids. its right in the middle of the complex and there are lots of eyes on this pool all the time. Not really a romantic get away, but its definitely safe.:

Pool number 2, no one ever uses this one so its always really private it seems. I have never seen anyone at this pool in the last 2 years:

And the tennis court with night lighting: