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Roadster Revival

So as I am sure you have already visited my Ranger page, and it was a very complete build. I find that I am a bit jealous as I have neglected my daily driver. Its always a good idea to have decent sound to listen to while your driving, and I tend to do quite alot of driving. So on to the project, and anyone who knows me, knows that I never seem to be able to do anything half way.

The Plan

First things first, we will start with the Stereo.

We are beginning with the following components:


Sony XT-100HD Tuner

Sony XS-L10S Low Profile Subwoofer

JL Audio 500/5 Amp

a/d/s 346is Front Woofers and Crossovers w/ PX Tweeters

a/d/s 344is Rear Components ?


Part One: Demolition

So this is the part where you take everything out of the car that will come out. Its alot louder now when I am driving around. I took out the carpeting and the seats and all the stuff on the rear deck.

Oh, and I also took off the convertable top, I don't use it anyway. So now we are down to just the bare car.

Went ahead and stripped the carpeting out of the trunk. I removed the battery and then cut off the battey clamps on the factory cables.

Part Two: Rebuild

I sprayed the galvanized parts in the trunk a quick gloss black to make them more presentable. After that I laid down a layer of butle rubber sound deadening material just to give it a nice clean look.

I reinstalled the battery brackets, reinstalled the battery wtih a new gold plated terminal and then I crimped and soldered on a gold plated ring terminal onto the factory power wire and connected it to the new battery clamp via a thumb screw. Gold plated of course. Tomorrow I will begin with the amp installation in the well.

The saga continues. I have been busy doing other things, like actually working at my job. Today I did a little around the house but got some work done on the miata. First off, I had the negetive gold ground thing instead of the positive, so I went and picked up a positive one. Then i just couldn't be satisfied with the factory connector, so I cut it off, then crimped and soldered on a gold plated ring terminal for the cars connector so I could have a solid setup. Shrink wrapped it and we are good to go. I then re-wrapped the whole bundle with electrical tape because the factory stuff had gone all gooey on me. So I cleaned it off and re-wrapped most everything, then I shoved it back up in the factory loop that I didn't even know was there until today.

Yeah, way too much work for what you get, but it looks clean and it should avoid any future issues with this connection. After that, I went ahead and finished up dynamatting the trunk. I didn't do the left side where the jack resides because that will have to wait until after I have the left rear quarter panel replaced. I did go ahead and install fused power to the new door locks and added a relay for the trunk release actuator.

Its pretty clean, but for some reason, I can't get enough juice by using the relay to add power, so I am going to re-wire the relay to give a ground and plug the power directly to the battery.

Finally I did a test fit with the amplifier and the spare tire back in the trunk. That space dissapears fast doesn't it!

Tomorrow I have to cut a piece of MDF to fit in the floor to mount the amp to, and then I have to connect the amp to the battery. Then we will start running our speaker wires.

Ok, so its been a while and I lost the memory stick with alot of my progress photos on it. But I found it. So lets catch up. I couldn't figure out why my trunk wouldn't open. It was because I had the solenoid wired backwards. So after trying everything under the sun, it hit me like a brick. The red wire is the GROUND wire, adn the blue wire is the power wire. Worked like a charm. Then of course my remote went dead and I thought it was a problem with the alarm again. Nope, new battery in the key fob fixed that problem right up. here is the final wiring layout by the rear latch. You can see the trunk lights and then the relay I added. I used a velcro square to hold it in place. All the wiring is jumbled, but it works well for what I need it to do. Everything is soldered except for the power to the trunk solenoid. In case I need to un plug it I used a scotch lock connector.

So now that I had all the electrical figured out, it was time to start with the fitment of the amp. I cut and then test fit a piece of MDF to give me a nice mounting point for the amp. It was a trial and error thing. it looks like it doesn't fit, but its really well centered. I have the front velcroed down to the floor and the rear has two screws that are counter sunk and drilled through the two hole plugs in the bottom of the trunk floor. I put a washer on the under side of the trunk to hold it in place and keep it from moving around on me. I also filed all the edges to a nice rounded shape and then gave them a quick sanding.

I dropped the amp in and then ran a ground wires to the amp. I have these little wire guides I picked up for the wires. They do nice job of directing the wire where you want it.

And now the power wire. I used an in line fuse holder that I had laying around aready. Its only got a 30 amp fuse in there, but that should be enough for just one little amp.

Ok so thats all for the trunk, lets go spend some time on the doors. I was running out of time, like always. On the passenger side door I pulled off the skin, and then stripped it bare..

Then I applied a layer of sound insulation on the inside of the door skin. Then I followed up with another layer on the inside of the door. Before I just had the small piece of dynamat on the door, now I have the whole door covered. I also installed the foam cups that I put the speakers in to protect them from water inside the door.

Then I did what was the hardest part, I installed the wires and ran a couple 14 guage wires (4) through the door harness into the door to hook up the two speakers. You can see the ones peaking out where the tweeters will mount. I then installed the a/d/s/ 6.5 inch woofer.

Things are coming together. Next I drilled a hole in the door skin to install the a/d/s PX concept tweeters. Truly an amazing thing to hear. I am so happy I went with these speakers. Some people say you really can't tell, but it's night and day to me. I am still absolutely surprised at the outcome. I then reinstalled the door cover. it looks stock now doesn't it? Thats the point.

Here is the new crossovers that I am installing. Each one is about the size of a small amplifier. I guess I have a thing for them. This one I repainted in flat black just because it had a few scratches on it. Look at the size of those speaker wires!

Next up I have to get the trunk finished up with a new trunk floor panel and then I am going to get to working on the subwoofer. I bet you can't wait to see that.